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Food Court in the Bussiness Center to Esplanade

It is really out of plan that I would spend my saturday nite walking around many places here in Singapore. Haha, thanks to Mas Dani and Mas Nicko. Both are Indonesian living here. They are kindy being our guide to explore another part of Singapore I havent visited yet.

So, here we came to the food court in business center of Tanjong Pagar. I dont know the name, but it was just totally great. I mean, i have gone to the hawker center in China Town and this one is quite the same. However, there some reasons that makes this place another recommended unique culinary spot for new comer.

Firstly the place itself. This is a wide open court that full of food seller all over the place. So nice to have a dinner after working indoor all day long. And what im interested in is the old building of this foodcourt. We would rarely find this kindof architecture here in modern singapore unless u go to Jogjakarta where this model still exists.

Second, the food. Oh My God, it seems like you can find many kind of food here ranging from the chinese food, korean, japanese, indian, malay, indonesian and many more. What I was amazed is that I finally find satay here spreading in. There are also some Indonesian seller selling east java meal etc. Wow, so Indonesia. You should come here if you miss Indonesian food. It is quite cheap unless for the satay.T_T

However, it is not only food that I find interesting here. There is a social view that I got in this place. Right you enter this court, you will find so many people, mostly malays or even Indonesian, bringing the menu list and aggresively persuade you to buy what they offer. It was a little bit annoying but I just know that it is what they are doing to earn money. They will struggle to offer the menu to any people coming and if they get one, they will write it in a paper,bring it to the seller with their name is written in the bottom of the paper. That’s how the seller know how much should he pay for the assistant. Not only that, there are still also some people queue to deliver the food to the buyer. Wow. I was just pity looking at them.

Well, anyway saturday night must go on. I thought that I would come to piano recital after watching brass and string instruments performances, but here I am, seating in the fron seat of outdoor esplanade theatre watching a pop rock performances by local band of Singapore. Haha, so much different. But I quite enjoyed it. I think they are still high school band but the band done well and the voice of the singer is good. It is different from Indonesia where many band personnel seems mostly adult ones.

From Esplanade we were walking around that district, going to Fullerton Hotel, and exploring the Clark Quay. Haha, it was not so me actually, I just wanna know what it was really like and not much I can do.

Going home late is not really bad. I just love hang out like this in the weekend. And the guys seems so kind for accompanying us. At least I know that if its already midnight, you can go home by night rider which operates in some bus stop until 5 in the morning.



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