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Spending Sunday with the Song of the Sea in Sentosa Island

Wow, weekend has not ended yet. I still have Sunday which is quite nice for me since I can finnish my weekend routine activities, bought the ticket to Malaysia, and going to Sentosa Island. Haha, finally. So, here is the story.

My Thai friends invited me to join them and their japanese friends watching Song of the Sea in Sentosa Island. Surely I was interested since many friends of mine has gone there and talking about that all the time. It seems that it is not perfect if you go to Singapore without visiting this place. So here I am, going to Sentosa Island finally.

There are not much to explore this day because they have been here before and it has already been night. However, it was just amazing for me only watching Song of the Sea. And it was just as amazing as what people told me before.

So, paying 10 SGD, you could watch an open theatre aside the sea entitled Song of the Sea. The story is about a boy who try to help a princess that has been sleeping long time before. However the good part is not in the content of the story but in the way it is presented. It was just incredible to see the light play forming an animation of the figures in the story and beautify the scene in front of you. I barely can describe it. But it was just great. So just grab your camera and see it!

Having watching it, we just walked a little along the sea and crossed the bride to the small island near Sentosa. Quite like Tanah Lot in Bali. After that we just went back to eat near campus and finnished at PGP.

Another good night with TF friends =)



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