Special Events

NUS In-Fusion 2010

As an international student who likes culture, this annual event is long-awaited event in my list!

From what I had heard, from alarming emails coming since I was accepted, and from what I have seen of the performers’ preparations, I was 100 percent sure it would be such an amazing event during my exchange period. I did imagine it would be like Indonesian Channel. And it seemed it did.

When I was working a sweat doing my thesis, I heard loud music, claps, and voices from the floyer of my residence. Oh ghost, it should be so amazing. Unfortunately my fingers couldnt be pulled out of my laptop so I kept on working. I was just shocked when I heard Angklung music has been played that early! Oh, God, I miss Indonesian performance!

Being rushed taking a bath, I finally got in front of the stage. Everybody was there and enjoyed the performance. This was all about cultural performances. You could see amazing dances from many countries that has its own students in this university. For me it was always interesting to see this kind of event. But honestly I was dissapointed in two thing. First, that some countries performed not in its original dances but rather like a contemporary mix dances that I could find anywhere. I mean, when the students performed a culture from certain countries, I did expect that it would be a traditional or unique ones. Second, that this event is sooo fast. It was only about an hours or so that I was thinking it was not as balanced as the preparations they’ve done and the expectation everybody had. However this event is nice and I did like the performance from Malaysia. How they showed their different ethnicity and finally came out as a single country. It demonstrated that the country had another strong culture living the country not merely malay’s culture that has been disputed with Indonesia recently. I did love too the performance from Sri Langka and Philipines which was still original from their country.

Do look forward to another cultural events=)



2 thoughts on “NUS In-Fusion 2010

  1. dear mbak bella,
    what a great story!! seems that you are enjoying your time in Singapore. good luck with your exchange year.

    ok, i wanna ask you such a BIG, big question. hehe. may i add your blog as one of my blogroll? thanks in advance 🙂

    best regards,

    Posted by kiki 07 | February 3, 2010, 6:18 pm
  2. Hi, ki! kok bisa nemu blogq? hehe..I couldnt tell you much since I was so sleepy writing this. Sure, I’ll add yours to mine too..Keep contacting!

    Posted by belarusia | February 4, 2010, 3:55 pm

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