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TF Scholars Camping in Pulau Ubin

Wow! I was just enjoying so much the camp I had last weekend in Pulau Ubin. Even though the place wasn’t as exciting as many camp site I have visited in Indonesia, being together with these people and experiencing many amazing stuff with amazing tutor was memorable thing for me.

So, here’s the story.

Temasek Foundation, institution that support our studying here, held a workshop for us to know each other in Pulau Ubin. For those who doesn’t know, Pulau Ubin (Granite Island)  is a 1020 hectare island situated in the northeastern corner of mainland Singapore. This is called so since the Island had a huge number of granite hills decorating the place. However, most of the population here made living by farming, fishing, and providing services for visiting tourist. Their living was so humble and so much different from those in mainland. The place was still natural and nice.

Paying 2.50 sgd each person, we could cross the strait using ferry. We rented a lodge near the beach as our camping site. Since then, we got so much thing to do for this two-days workshop. I couldnt tell you the details of our activities because it gonna be too much. However, basicly we were divided into some groups of students that would do all the activities together those days. And it was unconsiously made us closed to each other in this very short time. I had amazing team undoubtly and I can tell you some reason why it is so.

The first thing was that our team was consisted of various students with various characters and background. We had Deepika who is vegetarian. We had to discuss about this when we were asked to buy our team lunch. Then we deciced to buy meal in the chinese restaurant that provided a vegetarian meal for the buyer. Fortunately there were mock of meat that the non vegetarian still could taste their favourite food. We also helped her finding her dinner because our nex activity was barbeque time.

The barbeque time was a the most interesting for me because we gotta find all the stuff needed with the limited money given, we have tried so hard to made the fire and we baked the chicken for hours, thinking that we were so hungry and it won’t be delicious but It totally was. The chicken taste not bad.  Haha

The second thing wass that our group could made a strategy that we could be the first winner finnishing the expedition. Btw, Jane and I had to sacrifice our self walkin that far to take a picture of cooky monster in Kampoeng Malay. Haha, it was so nice experience ended up with Eugene bought us cola.

I really did enjoy all the activities except one thing, the ghost story of the Island. I was fine walking around the island in the middle of the night but I didnt expect that it would ended up near the lake listening ghost story from the Island. Fuih. I mean it’s no problem people talking ghost stories from other places but not the place where you are standing right now.

But afterall, I did enjoy this. Being together with many amazing friends for two days and involved in many actuvities made me lonely and missed it when I back to my room.



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