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Campus Concert: William Barton ft Orava String Quartet

So, the thing is that my hobby in Jogja coming to cultural events including music concert has come out here in Singapore after I found good friends to go with. Haha

After watching brass instrument performance only two days ago, tonight I was coming to string instrument concert. For me it was such a mandatory to watch the maestro of string musician playing violin and its family. Therefore, I have put a schedule in my agenda to watch the Exxonmobile Campus Concert: William Barton and the Orave String Quartet long time before.

Exxonmobile Campus Concert actually has been a regular event in the campus since 1986. It was quite similar with UGM Mandiri Jazz i think. However, this concerts are ranging in two periods, august to october and January to March.

In this January, the series offer us with the performance of William Barton and the Orava which is totally awesome. I was so interested watching barton performance because I never seen and even heard this kind of instrument before. He was a didgeridoo musician from Australia. Haha, i bet you havent heard this instrument too right? so shortlt, didgeridoo is a wood instrument which combine the skill of your throat, your tounge and your strong breath. You have to put your mouth into the hole of the wood and play it. If you are able, then you will heard a kind of drum voices or if you are William Barton, you can even imitate Kanggoroo’s voices!

However, what Im interested the most is the orava’s performances. They are wellknown string quartet from Sidney, a sibling group, and awesome. It was not pretty clear watching from the very front left side of the seat, but I was admired by the young violist who can play the viola so fast, the violinist who is quite handsome and play amazingly even without stuck in the partiture and with all those attractive style, and of course the cellist. I just knew that I can make a sound like a bird and natural condition by the cellist and violin! Haha, i will try at home.

So finally, this is another great night. Im looking forward to watch piano concert soon after. But still, I owe an apologize for my friend Baker for our coming so late. Do hope we can make it better =)



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