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Music Class: Chinese Orcestra The Origin

Chinese Orchestra is clearly origined from the mainland China. It is not an old culture as we did find with western orchestra. We should traced back to ancient China indeed to get the root of this developing culture.

In ancient China, there had been a folk music which was quite different between that in north and in south of the country. This divergence is due to the characteristic of the society it self. The strong northern people was playing percussion and wind instruments while the southern part which was more polite was popular with silk and bamboo. During this ancient period, there was also court music that could be identified as Ya Yue (wind) and Yan Yue (percussion).

The great political change in 1949 that brought China to a period of comunism also inflenced the art of the country significantly. So did the Counter revolution in 1966-1976. During this period, China was exposed to much more western influence than it had ever been. No wonder we could find western music including western orchestra slip into the peoples life. However, this was not merely a social phenomena which happend naturally. The communist government it self imposed this kind of model of art as a propaganda of a communal society and the idea of great China. This was due to the concept of orchestra itself which was played in a large number and getting popular among people. In short, this was a strategic way to spread the Ideology of the government. Evenmore, the orchestra it self usually perform music describing the greatness of the country.

The Chinese orchestra came to Singapore with the help of the migrants. It was quite surprising to know that chinese orchestra developing in Singapore was idetified as communist music so it was slightly underestimated by the people. However, the independence of the country in 1965 turn this situation 180 degrees. The new country recognized this music as the rasial harmony, something that was appreciated by the people. Then, there it goes. This music developed fast in Singapore and made up so much of its parts.



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