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Pekan Seni Anak Yogyakarta

It was totally coincident when I was walking to Taman Budaya Yogyakarta to practice dancing, I saw a group of women sitting on the floor in front of the main door. I was thinkhing ther must be an event right now.


These four days, Cultural Bureau of Yogyakarta Special Province is holding Pekan Seni Anak “Children Art Week”  from November 8-12, 2009 in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. There are various activities under this program, such as children dancing performance, workshop on making children traditional toys, exhibition of children artwork and many other.

I was just so curious with the exhibition that I just visited it before practicing dancing. It was totally great for me to see their painting hanging on the wall. I was tought that they are definitely creative and brave making those pictures. Adult often thinking too much before doing something that everything they do seems not “totally free” and couldn’t express their self and their true feeling. It was so much different from Children. I can see clearly their expression through their painting. They never hesitate too much and only do what they want to do. They dont care whether fish has blue, pink or purple skin. They would coose any colour they want to. I was sure that I would be so confused deciding what picture I want to paint, and Im sure it only would be house, beach or mountain, and even confused recalling what color this thing should have.haha.

Beside various amazing painting, there are still many other artwork such as robots from rubbish, human pupet, paper clothes, paper car, lamp, gigantic doll and many other as you can see below.

DSC00026 DSC00027 DSC00025

DSC00033 DSC00028 DSC00032

And this is my favorite one:




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