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Tembi : An Amazing House of Culture

A couple days ago, I went to Tembi House of Culture to watch “Music Highlights at European Capitals”. It is my first time to go there despite the fact that I was so eager to go there long time ago. However it didn’t decrease anything since I was enjoying visiting that place so much.


Tembi House of Culture is a unique ‘living museum’ owned by Mr. Yuswantoro, a former kompas jonalist who is interested in researching and preserving javanese culture. This is a complex which consists of spaces used to developing and understanding local culture. In the middle front of the house, there is pendhapa (Yudonegaran) as a place to play gamelan and wayang. this is supported by a next-door room where visitors can see owner’s collection of wayang. Beside this main building, there are room for painting exhibition (Gandhok), music concert, dancing, and oldies collection. This is such a complete place for culture lovers to enjoy the art!

However, Tembi is not merely a house of culture. This is a good alternative for those who look for a weekend time with families or friends since it provide you with traditional houses to stay the night, beautiful garden, swimming pool, unique javanese restaurant and of course, a fresh village air and scenery.  For those who want to have a different meeting or other event, Tembi House of Culture also provide you with two meeting room called Mrican and Gamelan Lor. This is in a quite affordable cost that you dont need to worry much about it.

1 Belik_3

So, have a nice cultural time ^.^

Nb. These are some pictures when I visited Tembi

DSC00010 DSC00012



4 thoughts on “Tembi : An Amazing House of Culture

  1. oh, tadi mau nulis ini to, kok tiba2 nanya siapa pendiri tembi..aku minggu ini ada acara KUI disana lho…
    tempatnya emang oh wow banget…
    kapan2 dinner kesana yuk… haha…

    Posted by Timur Girindra Wardhana | October 31, 2009, 2:19 pm
  2. Hai mur! iya hehe,,habis lupa sih..oia?wah, seru..padahal q baru mau propose tempat itu ke jurusan klo mau ada acara lagi..hakhakhak..emang keren abis tu tempat..sip, kamu yg traktir ya?hakhakhakhak (PJ belom nyampe sini lho!)

    Posted by belarusia | November 2, 2009, 3:20 am
  3. yeee… kan udah lama banget jadiannya…
    kamu tu yang PJ, atau at least PJ nya dibayar dimuka dulu, tar kamu jadiannya sama siapa dan kapan urusan belakang… haha…

    Posted by Timur Girindra Wardhana | November 2, 2009, 2:02 pm
  4. dudul. tapi kan status in relationshipnya barusan..dan yang penting terbukti belum bayar pajak..hoho..ye, kalo gitu, sini, km bayar udang muka wedding dulu..kan katanya mau married muda..hakhak

    Posted by belarusia | November 3, 2009, 9:50 am

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