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UGM World Peace Concert: We Love Indonesia!


As the closing party to celebrate the Dies Natalies of Gadjah Mada University, the campus was holding a huge amazing event entitled World Peace Concert. It was an incredibly great that huge masses of people still flooding the event despite its equal time with Jogja Java Carnival. Whatever the theme of the concert, I do think that this concert is to show and, more importantly, to encourage us to love our country Indonesia. We can see this clearly in the concept of the concert itself which presented an amazing collaboration between western culture of the orchestra and traditional instruments, dances and songs from Indonesia. The director wanted to show a great combination and the greatness of our culture. And it did. Indonesia was culturally rich and diverse. At the opening, Krisdayanti welcomed the audiences with the song Assalamualaikum. Accompanied by World Peace Orchestra led by Dwiki Darmawan, An Acehnese singer, Rafly, presented the beauty of Aceh with the song Ya Rabbanaa and Meukeondroe. Crossing Sunda Strait, the audiences were spoiled by Anggito Abimanyu playing Ilir-Ilir and Krisdayanti singing Di Bawah Sinar Rembulan. There was also Dewa Bujana playing guitar collaborating with the Orches team. From the Island of Dewata, I Nyoman Windha sang Gubungan and Janger. In addition of these wonderful performances of Indonesian culture which surely would encourage people to love Indonesia more, Butet Kartaredjasa also showed his love to Indonesia and Gadjah Mada University by giving many important advices. His style of satire in elaborating the problem often made audiences laugh and smile. For the recognition of the world toward Indonesia greatness, the concert embraced all the audiences to vote for Komodo as the finalist of New Seven Wonder. This one of Indonesian natural wonder that has been rare would call us to pay more attention to other Indonesia richness. Not only for the nature and culture, this concert also showed many young talented Indonesian musicians. Alsa, only 16 years girl, played drum and successfully grabbed all audience attention throughout the show. Last, but not least, this concert definitely showed its affection to other Indonesian by donating its benefit to the victim of Padang’s earthquake a couple of week ago.



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