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Kauman Solo A Must Visited Place for Batik Lover

kampung batik kauman

Nowadays, batik has become a popular dress among Indonesian people. It is not only used in a formal situation but also in daily activities among youth. For you who have become one of batik lover, you should visit Kauman Solo to find much more kind of Batik.

Right after arrived in my uncle’s house, I was asking for walking around this city since I know there so many beautiful places to visit downtown. When I said that I want to have a batik from Solo, my uncle propose to go to Kauman.

As you already known, Kauman was a name of place around the mosque. However, this place was not only a religious place; but instead, this place has been a wonderful kampoeng batik in town! At the first time I came there, I was amazed by the old traditional houses along the street that has been galleries for their batik product. This place was amazing since I can feel strong classical Javanese town here selling Batik in their houses. I’m sure you won’t go early right after you feel the atmosphere. You’re not only could choose various type of high qualified home-made Batik in one place, but you can choose those beautiful dress all over the place in  homey Kauman. It seemed that you would find any type of batik here, from the formal ones until batik t-shirt while enjoying the place. Just visit some galery like Gunawan, Soga among many other. The price was a little bit expensive since many of these batik are written batik or combination of written and printed ones. However, I thought it was a fair price for the product.  So take your time and have a batik shopping time!



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