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Indonesia Channel 2009 The Performance

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I was so excited and sad to welcome this event. Excited because I was sure it would be a great show and my friends would perform there but sad because it seemed to be the last cultural events of cultural series these couple of weeks. After all, I did enjoy so much watching this event as always.

For your information, every year Indonesian government welcomes 50 foreign students to study Indonesian art and culture. These outstanding foreign students are spread in four different cultural centers for two months to study the local culture include Bandung, Yogyakarta, Solo and Bali. At the end of the program, those students are allowed to show its new knowledge of local culture in the event of Indonesia Channel.

Held in Mangkunegaran, this event was quite different from the previous concept in the sense of its venue. The previous Indonesia Channel 2008 which was held in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta taking an indoor concept that it seemed more conducive for the whole performances especially in the case of sounding, background setting and audience’s convenience. Indonesia Channel 2009 however was taking place outdoor that it didn’t enjoy the benefit got by the previous. However, I like this concept since it made the event be “more down to earth” and close to the people. Common people that didn’t get the invitation still could enjoy the performance outside the fence, so does the pedestrian and passing driver. I remembered clearly what my dancing teacher said “why we should made people difficult enjoy their own culture!”After all, these events remain amazing!

Opened by collaboration of Javanese dance and Chinese Barongsai, this event would like to show the multiculturalism and peaceful coexistence in Indonesian society. It was proved by a series performance of Indonesian diverse culture non-stop from 4 different cities, which is really attractive and enlightening. You could enjoy Sundanese dance and angklung that was followed by Nawung Sekar dance and Kuda-Kuda dance with strong yogyakarta gamelan style or Pendet dance with Balinese energic music. Audiences could really understand the different style of dancing, traditional instruments, local dresses, and traditional songs from those four cities. In addition of those performaces, the event was also made lively by performance of UNS choir and two guest star Tia Afi and Baim. There was also official speech by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hasan Wirayudha, who would end his job only a couple of days later.AT last, the event was closed by performance of all foreign students singing Indonesia’s song with Indonesia’s flag right in the middle of the stage.


*) all these beautiful capture are created by Bagus Handoko




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