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Indonesia Channel 2009 The End: Getting Back to Yogyakarta

Early in the morning, my uncle woke me up to get ready to catch the train. To be honest, I never got up less than 5 o’clock in the morning since last month that it was so hard to open my eyes even for straighten out my body. I was ready right at 5.30 but my uncle told me that I must have missed the train if the schedule was 5.30 like what said last night (I got the info from my friend). So I just had a breakfast and found the next train. It was surprising me when I arrived at the station the ticket seller told me that the train has just passed, since the schedule is 5.45!!! Oh My God, I regretted that I didn’t just go here without having breakfast that I could catch the train. I did learn that enough reliable information is always needed. But fine, now I had to wait one hour for the train 6.55 without hand phone, book and newspaper with me.

For your information, I really like looking around and observing people when I am out of book. It was just interesting and funny to see people expression. If you were lucky enough, you could discover new thing around them. This rail station was interesting object too. I got many interesting fact especially when I compared with the rail station abroad. Just look at the platform. I just realize that it was so narrow that it could be dangerous if there were many people there waiting for the train. As far as I recall, the railroad platform in Czech Republic and France were not this narrow. I went to toilet and just realize that I need to pay for the toilet facility called “sumbangan”. I was like “why the government doesn’t build an integrated rail station? All is belong to government and paid in one single ticket. Oh ya, probably this what so called “ekonomi kerakyatan”? that people are allowed to make money in the station by providing toilet services, selling food in the train and many other. I do agree that government should create jobs for its people. However they could manage it by employ those people permanently for cleaning service or something so that their income is not coming from visitors money that surely not stable day by day but coming from the government regular salary. This way would also make the visitors more convenient since they only need to pay for one ticket to get all those facility.

But ok, forget the toilet stuff since I need to get on the train. I didn’t really complain about the train condition except that I needed to stand up on my heel for one hour until I got Yogyakarta. There’s also a unique thing in the train. If you notice, Indonesian people were fighting hard to get seat in the train. They even took the train to the last station in the city only to get a seat for their journey to other city. So the people flooded those narrow platform and fight to get in the train. This was quite different with people abroad, especially in Czech, where people didn’t even bother if there were any empty seat next to them. I had an experienced when I was in Czech. Like many Indonesian, I and my friend were fighting hard to get a seat in the subway. We always just seat every time we see any empty seat. That time I was on my way to Indonesian embassy and still did the same thing in train. Right when we met Indonesian staff, he told me that Indonesian is always salient when they were fighting for seat in the train compared by local people who just didn’t even bother about it. I was so ashamed that time that this time I didn’t complain anything. I continue observing the passenger still compared with Czech. Many Czech are reading when they were on train. No matter they were standing or sitting, they were reading. Surprisingly it was not merely a daily newspaper but a thick English book. Compare to passenger in Pramex. I estimated there were around 100 people in this railway coach. However, there were only two people reading book in their hand. One was reading daily newspaper and the other was holding a printed power point slides without reading it. A few of people just staring other or looking around and majority are sleeping! Wow, this was 7 o’clock in the morning!

It is so funny experience that I was smiling even when I finally found that my friend coming to office and I didn’t need to substitute her. Cool, sleeptight.



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