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Be Friends of 2009 Students!

This morning when I was walking to my office, I was struck by the view in front of me. There is a small group of students organizing huge masses of younger students along the street. What attracted me is the accessories those younger students wear and the attitude of those older students toward the former. So, the younger wear some kind of baby jug of milk, bottles hat and many other weird accessories. And the older shout out to keep them well organized.

What cross my mind in the first place is what’s on earth they are doing? I mean as far as I recall, it is not OSPEK time. Even if so, what they expect from these activities?

Seniority is a common thing living in campus till this day. However, I never agree with this kind of model of relations among educated people. I always wonder what they expect from this kind of model. It is correct, especially in Javanese culture that younger should respect the older. However, they don’t need to do that way to get respected. Doing violent to be respected only show that they have no power to make them respected. They are afraid of being ignored by their juniors so that they make them scared of doing so. For me, being respected is respecting others. You need to treat them like human, like you talk to people with the same intellectual level. That’s how you as senior should act, to give a good example for your juniors. Doing violent to juniors only maintain the culture of violence in campus because those junior will tend to do the same way to their next junior. Why don’t we start being friends of our juniors, embrace them to do your project. I don’t think being friends of our juniors get you HIV or something. Therefore, in the near future, I would see that newcomers in campus be introduced to the greatness of their campus. It’s time to introduce them to leadership, tolerance and peace.



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