Roasted Chicken in Lempuyangan

This night you should meet Fafa, a good friend of mine since I studied in UGM. I was so hungry in my works that I call her to accompany me having dinner. She’s evil to have me wait one hour and more hours to go to some places before we finally ate 🙂 No wonder I just give up whenever she would take me to. And she brought me to Lempuyangan Market.

Having lived with a person who doesn’t like market life, I was feeling weird to go there. But starvation and feeling to try get that feeling away from my thought.

The place where we ate is a sidewalk merchant in front of the market. It was surprising the place is so crowded with buyers. Despite the bad cleanliness of the place, I’m sure this must sell delicious meal. I tried the well-known menu, roasted chicken. And it’s delicious enough, especially its sauce. U can try to go to the front Lempuyangan Market every night. It’s easily recognized because it’s the most crowded part of the market.



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