Dinner at Milas

I do love visiting a place that has a certain principle, including the place to eat. That way, I’m not only enjoying the meal they offer but also feeling the principle and concept that are kept by the owner. And I found it in Milas.


Meet Angga. He is a friend of mine that often accompany me looking for special place to eat and interesting cultural event to attend. It was quite weird that right after we ate in the Syawalan HI UGM 2006, we just went away to start our adventure. And this time, we went to Vegetarian Resto, Milas.


To be honest, it is a little bit far from our place, but we just went there to find out what’s special of that restaurant. Right after we turned left in T-Junction of BNI in Jl Prawirotaman to go 50m into the block, we catched a big graffiti in our left side named “MILAS”. I was struck by the view in front me. It was a small garden with some gazebos for the visitor and some other huts in its side that is used to be a library and art shop. I was so excited and getting more excited when I know that this place belong to non-profit organization that concern about health, education and environment. All the benefit coming from this restaurant is given for this organization to do its job. I was no surprised then with the vegetarian menu, library and environmental-care attitude in this resto. For your information, you can’t find straw and plastic bags here! Even many stuff sold in the art shop are made from wood and other natural material. Since I love books, I am interested with the library and book sale in the restaurant. Almost all of the books are import and you can even buy secondhand book only 5000 rupiahs. I bought two for my friends anyway.

The menu? Don’t ask. There are long list of menu with quite strange names that you would be confused to choose. I my self try Milas Fried Rice, fried rice with corn, cashew, soybean and roasted pineapple. I choose Mix Juice “Vital” for the beverage. This is a juice comprise of carrot, lemon, and honey. That’s so delicious. You don’t want to go home early if you were here and I’m sure you would coming back for more.


Resto Vege Milas

Jl Prawirataman IV 127B




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